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NIBRS Reporting  | Webinars, Free Training & Resources
Register today for the Courtware NIBRS reporting webinar or to attend live training events to get your agency ready for State mandated NIBRS reporting changes


IMPORTANT:   Data BACKUP Reminder 
A frequent and TESTED backup of your data can prevent data loss in the event of hardware failure of virus encounters.

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NIBRS Reporting Changes in RMS & CloudCop®
Actions Required: 
Keep your Agency in compliance.  GCIC NIBRS reporting mandate impacts your reporting starting October 1st.  Take action today to ensure your transition from UCR to NIBRS reporting is an easier one.  
Attention: All Law Enforcement Personnel

All reports completed in RMS and CloudCop® beginning no later than October 1, 2019 must include the NIBRS data to be entered in the NIBRS data entry fields which are ALREADY PRESENT in your RMS and CloudCop® software systems and are denoted on your data entry screens with an asterisk (*).

Failure to include NIBRS data in your reports after October 1st may cause your agency to be out of compliance with GCIC NIBRS reporting requirements.


  All Law Enforcement Personnel:  

Review NIBRS training videos in RMS & CloudCop® AND begin using NIBRS data entry fields in reports immediately   
NIBRS data entry fields are already in your RMS and CloudCop
® software.  Video training is available to explain key NIBRS data rules and data entry process.  Officers should watch 8 short video training segments, or one longer one.  Estimated time 1 hr total.  

In order for your Agency to be able to report NIBRS data to GCIC properly beginning in October, every future report entered in RMS & CloudCop® beginning October 1st must include NIBRS data.  

Using the NIBRS data fields NOW will prepare your officers for easier NIBRS transition and will NOT interfere with your current UCR reporting.  UCR reporting will NO LONGER be allowed by GCIC after submission of September's data.  October data and beyond must be in the NIBRS  format.

3) Attend a Courtware FREE NIBRS Regional Training Event 
Courtware is hosting several FREE live training events related to NIBRS for you and your team to help you get ready for NIBRS.  Everyone on your team impacted by NIBRS should attend one of these events.
September 30, 2019
NIBRS Training in Eatonton, GA (OPEN)
October 17, 2019
RMS, CloudCop Users Training Conference in Fort Oglethorpe, GA

Click to Register for Free Training

4) Download FBI NIBRS Manual 

You can download the FBI NIBRS reporting manual on the FBI website at:

Reach out to your Agency's assigned GCIC Analyst to Register for NIBRS file testing. 

For GCIC NIBRS reporting, your Agency will be able to submit NIBRS data in one of two ways :

A) Manually enter NIBRS data on the GCIC website
Submit a NIBRS data file from RMS to GCIC through an upload button on the  GCIC website  (note: this option requires setup with GCIC and 3 months testing at <4% errors) 

GCIC is NOT offering a fully automated data submission process as was available for UCR.  

Courtware is preparing a process that will allow you to generate a NIBRS report data file for upload through the GCIC website for agencies who choose to do so.  Because activation of the file upload takes about 3 months with required GCIC testing, your agency should become familiar with the GCIC NIBRS website and related NIBRS data entry processes to make your UCR-to-NIBRS reporting transition as easy as possible.  

You should also reach out to your GCIC assigned Analyst right away and advise them if, or when you would like to get setup for the NIBRS FILE submission option.  

The Courtware team is planning to release RMS and CloudCop® software upgrades in October that would allow your agency to begin the NIBRS file submission testing should your agency prefer the NIBRS data file upload reporting option.  We recommend you sign up with GCIC for testing to begin in October.

GCIC Assigned Analyst


Schaccoa Hoover
Abbeville - Danielsville PD

Phone: 404-270-8472

Erica Adams
Danville PD - Hinesville PD

Phone: 404-270-8462

Sherry Burd
Hiram PD - Portal PD

Phone: 404-270-8460


Reon Smith
Porterdale - Zebulon PD

Phone: 404-270-8438








Thank you to everyone who joined the NIBRS webinars in August

Additional NIBRS webinars will be available in October

Register for NIBRS Training Events
Free Regional Training Events

Friday, August 16, 2019
NIBRS Training in Nashville, GA
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
NIBRS Training in Grovetown, GA
Monday, September 30, 2019
NIBRS Training in Eatonton, GA  (OPEN)
Thursday, October 17, 2019
RMS, CloudCop Users Training Conference in Fort Oglethorpe, GA

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Download FBI NIBRS Manual
Get the official FBI NIBRS rules manual

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